If you are an artist, performer, designer, writer or creative producer and have an IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT you can share it with us in a couple of ways.
Use the form below to share an outline and your contact details and you will be sent some questions about the project.
If you prefer you can email theimpossible@annatregloan.com.au and you will be sent some questions about the project.
Or, easier still and if you are on Instagram post work with a short explanation and tag @theimpossibleproject_.  
You can only submit works that you have intellectual property and copy rights to.   
Submit The Impossible
Thank you! For sharing your impossible project. Someone will be in touch if there are questions and the update you on progress. Until then stay safe and stay well.
Please note this is a creative project and not strictly documentary therefore :-  
We will get in touch via email if more information is needed.  When we add a project to the site we have creative discretion on what text, images and formats are used.  We do, of course, make every effort to stay true to your intention and to keep you informed of developments and seek your approval on them.

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