Company: Malthouse Theatre
Venue: The Merlin Theatre, Malthouse​​​​​​
Year the project commenced (fortyfivedownstairs):2009 
Year the project commenced (Malthouse Theatre):2019
Year it became impossible:2020 
Audience not reached:8,000​​​​​​​
There is often an assumption that projects that become impossible do so through fault or a lack quality.  Yet, often, the reason is unfathomable and it is not at all due to a failing of the work nor artist.  Do not go gentle.. by Patricia Cornelius is a poignant meditation on regret, moments lost and friendships gained.  It is an evocative metaphor told from within the head of an elderly man in a care facility, who believes he's Scott of the Antarctic. He takes that last leg of the journey with various other inmates, all played by an elderly cast.   Full of marvels and treacherous experiences, Do not go gentle... has only ever had one professional presentation. That season, ten years ago, was sold out, lauded in the press and garnered a slew of awards and accolades. Despite the splendid reception, the play never got picked up by larger companies or in fact any companies.
  Hence, it was a wonderful surprise when Malthouse Theatre responding to an email from Cornelius picked up the play for their 2020 season. It was programmed. It was painstakingly cast. The crew appointed. Design meetings and presentations completed. A great photo of Shane Bourne who was to play Scott was chosen to advertise the show. Finally it seemed the play would meet its audience.   Then in March 2020, when Malthouse Theatre was forced to cancel their entire season, Do not go gentle... was pulled. Cornelius and director Susie Dee were told of the decision and that the future was far too uncertain to know if it could ever be reprogrammed.   As 2020 unfolded and many truths about past and increasing frightening present conditions in aged care facilities became apparent, the vibration of this play rang still truer. The elderly voices within it that remained silenced became a still greater loss.
Proposed 2020 Malthouse Season:
Director - Susie Dee 
Set & Costume Designer - Marg Horwell 
Lighting - Rachel Bourke 
Composition/Sound - Kelly Ryall

 Premiere season (2010) at fortyfivedownstairs:
Director - Julian Meyrick 
Cast - Paul English, 
Jan Friedl, 
Rhys McConnochie, 
Terry Norris, 
Anne Phelan, 
Pamela Rabe 
& Malcolm Robertson
Photographs - Jeff Busby
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