Venue: The Merlin Theatre, Malthouse 

Year the project commenced:2011 
Year it became impossible:2020 
Audience not reached: 3500 +​​​​​​​
GO TO HELL is song cycle - a sung journey of psychosis, ecstasy, mania, obsession, revelation, tenderness, hurt and humanity.  Or it was. And it will transform to be again.   When a projects involves the two haunting voices of Paul Capsis and iOTA unfurling through original songs by Megan Washington, Deborah Conway and Peter Farnam, and arranged by Jethro Woodward, it is not a beast that goes quietly into the night.
 Although programmed in Malthouse Theatre's 2020 Season, the unexpected pressure on finances and resources at the theatre company made GO TO HELL's withdrawal inevitable. This was an early casualty of Covid-19, with the company opting to cancel the work entirely rather than put it on hiatus.   Apparently, there is no appetite for work which quotes the ten plagues of Egypt, the rivers of infected blood, hideous, murderous deluges and which lands on the precipice of ecological disaster. At least, not one entitled GO TO HELL. Not right now.
This project has been simmering for almost 10 years and the tenacity of Michael Kantor will certainly drive this work into a new form, but it will not be the same work. It will adapt.
Performer - Paul Capsis 
Performer - iOTA 
Director - Michael Kantor 
Design - Anna Cordingley
Videography - Natasha Pinkus 
Composition - Jethro Woodward 
Text and Dramaturgy - Tom Wright 
Choreography - Stephanie Lake 
Lighting Design - Paul Jackson
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