Year the project commenced:2018 
Year it became impossible:2020 
Audience not reached:700+​​​​​​​
As a result of COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 the development and presentation of Cat Jone’s Medicament For Your Predicament (including an interstate residency and interstate, regional and local presentations at three festivals) became impossible.   In the predicament of 2020, where a manic and time-pressured search for a medical solution to the pandemic travels in tandem with an existential search for how we as a society might emerge from the largest social upheaval in generations, Jones' apothecary meets apothegmary could have been just the treatment we were all searching for.   Medicament For Your Predicament is a reflective, sensory workshop and feminist formulary that compounds political pharmacopeias. It provides ointments and slaves, tonics, gargles and powders to soothe our soluble and insoluble bodies.
 Participants in the project identify matters close to the heart and create a chemical change with their own hands by formulating, compounding and prescribing products that acknowledge and care for the 'social body'. These creations are then presented as installation, live performance and subversive dispensary by artists acting as social pharmacists and providing quick and dirty prescriptions, product testing and the effervescent power of conversation, all the while offering medicinal beverages and bespoke 'merchandise'.  In a year where the division between those who want vaccines to be equally available to all and those who pursue sole ownership has been stark, the project comments on the rise and control that 'big pharma' has had in global/environmental/economic/health systems whilst enabling participants to acknowledge subjugated histories of medicine that is hidden, lost, stolen or destroyed and to share intergenerational and cultural knowledge through the embodiment of care.
From antidotes to ire, diuretics for disillusionment and cures for capitalism, Medicament for your Predicament gently applies a drawing ointment to modern maladies, creating recipes for transformation and queering medicine. Such cures will always be needed. it will rise again.
Provocateur - Ju Row Farr 
Provocateur - Maja Kuzamanovic 

Supported by - pvi collective, Blast Theory, 
The Australia Council, Vistalstatistix 
& Metro Arts
As part of The Impossible Project we have been inviting artists to conceive of, attempt and document an attempt at An Impossible Task or to undertake a conversation with Anna Tregloan where she will attempt (the similarly impossible task) of capturing aspects of their creative endeavours in sketch form. ​​​​​​​
We invited Cat Jones to undertake an Impossible Task.  She nominated a few but had mixed results in proving impossibility.
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