Nicole Monks

Venue: The Lock Up

Year the project commenced:2018 
Year it became impossible:2020 ​​​​​​​
miyarnuwimanha would have been The Lock-Up’s first solo exhibition by a female First Nations artist. miyarnuwimanha translates to ‘learning, becoming knowledgeable’; a concept that is explored by Yamaji Wajarri, Dutch and English artist Nicole Monks. In this exhibition, Monks explores the innate and unconscious interconnectedness to Country, community and culture.    miyarnuwimanha is developed collaboratively with First Nations artists locally and across Australia, exploring the continuous learnings of Australia, connecting the past with the present and future.
 Along with so many other venues in 2020 The Lock-Up closed, causing miyarnuwimanha to become impossible.   This closure was not enough to completely erase this project however and it changed into an exhibition completely made up of works made collaboratively with Monks. That level of collaboration has engendered a connection with community which now centres the exhibition.   This reworked project managed to open in late-2020 but to an extremely limited audience, no public opening with no welcome nor formalities and no public progams.
Yamaji Arts
Elvie Dann
Jenine Boeree
Donna Ronan
Margaret Whitehurst
Barbara Merritt
Charmaine Papertalk Green
Michelle & Chloe Hanisch
Yarra Monks 
Luke Russell 
Willie Messenger 
Jason Wing and Maddie Gibbs 
David Leha 
Lotte Hilder
Dale Collier
Jasmine Miikika Craciun
John A Douglas
CURATOR Donna Biles Fernando
As part of The Impossible Project we have been inviting artists to conceive of, attempt and document an attempt at An Impossible Task or to undertake a conversation with Anna Tregloan where she attempts (the similarly impossible task) of capturing their creative endeavours in sketch form.
We invited Nicole Monks and collaborators to conceive and attempt an impossible task.  On the 2nd of October, 2020 they attempted to 
capture/catch/reach the Full Moon.

wilara mili arcane
By Dale Collier, Lotte Hilder and Nicole Monks
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