Year the project commenced: 2019
Year it became impossible: 2020
Audience not reached:8924​​​​​​​
PLAYLIST  premiered in 2018 and following its success, including a Helpmann award Nomination for Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production, a tour of 23 venues across Australia was planned to commence in March, 2020.   With the advent of the 2020 pandemic and after lengthy consultation with presenters, the cast and tour managers, the PLAYLIST tour was deemed unviable.  “Beyoncé meets the Women’s marches.  PLAYLIST is a compelling dance-theatre work exploring the state of feminisms in pop culture and music today. Full of suburban dreams and pop star fantasies, it is a call to action about the critical issues of our times.  Living in the #MeToo world, PLAYLIST explores the experiences, ideas and power of young women and asks, ‘who is going to shape the future for women in Australia?’”
Determined to keep the work alive, the PYT team has refocused their energy.  Working with young people in an authentic, respectful and empowering way is  a core PYT value, so they are developing strategies to provide opportunities to continue the important conversations around PLAYLIST in a deepened and sustained way, whilst bolstering the capacity of youth arts in Australia.  This approach has seen PLAYLIST transform to several kin projects:  PLAYLIST BERSAMA A three-year cultural exchange between Bersama Project Foundation in Jakarta and PYT Fairfield in Western Sydney, co-led by Kartika Jahja and Karen Therese.  In May 2020, to create a connection for our artists who were in trauma due to the loss of the tour, PYT began this 3 year exchange online and produced a video work filmed on 9 iPhones across Australia and Indonesia. The vision is ultimately to create an Indonesian version of PLAYLIST to be part PYT’s Festival of Radical Kindness in 2022.   EXCHANGE PARTNERSHIPS PYT is devising a new model for residency and exchange between the PLAYLIST creative team and young people in regional Australia, through partnerships with national presenters.  Through these exchanges, PYT will share methodology in culturally engaged arts practice, using the process of making PLAYLIST as the framework for the exchange.

You can find out more about Playlist Bersama HERE.
PYT have also collaborated with Filmmaker Maya Newell and PLAYLIST performer Neda Taha to create a short documentary about the loss of a performance, but also what can be gained in this shared time of uncertainty. Watch it HERE.

Director - Karen Therese 
Choreographer - Larissa McGowan 
Designer - Zanny Begg 
Co-Sound Designers - Jasmine Guffond & Gail Priest
Lighting Designer - Amber Silk 
Dramaturg - Kate Armstrong-Smith 
Associate Artist - Kilia Tipa 
Performers/Co-Devisors -
Ebube Uba, May Tran, Tasha O’Brien, Mara Knezevic and Neda Taha
Technical Manager - Emily Moffat 
Company Stage Manager - Patrick Howard
PYT Executive Director: Katy Green Loughrey
Photo credits - Top: Alex Wisser.  Bottom: Daniel Boud 
As part of The Impossible Project we have been inviting artists to conceive of, attempt and document an attempt at An Impossible Task or to undertake a conversation with Anna Tregloan where she will attempt (the similarly impossible task) of capturing aspects of their creative endeavours in sketch form. 
Through PYT Fairfield we invited May Tran to undertake an impossible task.  She chose to eat an entire Himalayan salt lamp.  

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