When invited this company to nominate an ‘Impossible Task’, Rawcus responded by seeking a way of improvising in very different physical locations while attempting to find the same energetic connection and quality they experience in the rehearsal room.

“During Covid-19 we have had to be curious and seek out new ways to find connection, meaning and creativity when we can’t be in a room together.  For an ensemble that works with touch, bodies in conversation with each other, energy exchange and liveness we’ve had to experiment with how to keep the essence of our collaborative ensemble practice alive.” 
“Our challenge was to find as much subtlety and nuance as we do when we are in the room together, to feel the exchange of energy across the virtual space and confidently extend each other’s ideas even whilst not being able to see or sense each other the way we usually can.” 
- Kate Sulan
Kate Sulan // Rawcus
Company: Rawcus

Year the project commenced:2018 
Year it became impossible:2020 
Audience not reached:500-700​​​​​​​
Artistic director of Rawcus, Kate Sulan, describes their new performance work GLASS as one which interrogates invisible edges, boundaries and barriers;  and an invitation to redefine success, limitations, and virtuosity.    In other words - to question what we think is possible.  - GLASS delves into dynamics of power, restriction, tenacity and ambition as the fifteen diverse performers negotiate a constantly evolving performance space supported by the immersive sound of Jethro Woodward.
  Work was already underway and  the company had previously traveled to collaborate with the internationally renowned choreographer Marc Brew of Axis Dance Company in Oakland USA They were set to premiere in Melbourne in July 2020.    It all came to an abrupt halt just months before the opening, when international travel was ceased due to the virus and then all in-person rehearsals and live performances were outlawed.   The work has been reprogrammed for 2021 but this year’s presentation and collaboration was not to be.
Artistic Director - Kate Sulan 
Choreographer (Glass) - Marc Brew 
Composer (Glass)- Jethro Woodward 
Designer (Glass)- Emily Barrie 
Lighting Designer (Glass)- Richard Vabre

Performed by the Rawcus Ensemble - 
Clement Baade
Danielle von der Borch
Hannah Bradsworth
Michael Buxton
Harriet Devlin- Dunbar
Rachel Edward
Nilgun Guven
Joshua Lynzaat
Paul Matley
Mike Mc Evoy
Ryan New
Kerryn Poke
Leisa Prowd
Louise Riisik
Prue Stevenson
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