We invited Jude Anderson (Punctum Inc) to attempt an Impossible Task. They chose to make and use a water diviner through YouTube tutorials, guided by the Kantian principle that “although all knowledge begins with the senses, we can use our experiences to inform our reason, and vice versa; We can’t rely on our senses alone, but nor can we rely on pure rationalization."

In the meanwhile...Can, Kant or Will?
by Punctum 
Company: Punctum Inc​​​​​​​
Year the project commenced:2019 
Year it became impossible:2020 
Audience not reached:300​​​​​​​
theWay-theWater-theWalk is a simulator of management impact on the environment and river system of the Murray Darling Basin. It was to be presented as a workshop, sound recording and interactive performance in a global gathering of researchers, scientists and artists in Brisbane in June 2020 (SRI2020).  When SRI 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 and the restrictions on international travel, the project morphed into a development of a part large-scale puzzle, part performance in a plumbed landscape in an unoccupied gallery in Jaara Country - Mount Alexander Shire Victoria and located in the Murray Darling Basin.   Although the original version had become impossible, this mutated form afforded the artists more time and excellent space at their disposal. They were able to dive deeper into the complex layering of systems, arrive at playful solutions and draw on the insights of many. They also employed other artists on the project including Jacques Soddell (sound designer), Josiah Lulham (performer) and Briega Young (performer) while still working with Matt, Nordin and Jaz remotely.
But even this reimagined version was not to be. A second wave of the virus swept the state of Victoria in early August and the government instituted tighter restrictions than in the first round. The gallery closed to the public and staff were advised to work from home. As their presence in the Gallery was contingent upon a Gallery staff member being present, they had to swiftly curtail the work on the morphed edition of theWay-theWater-theWalk.
When asked if the project had genuinely now become impossible Jude responds: “We consider it will rise again in a form that none of us anticipated - one that is at the same time more playful, developed and sophisticated”.  In fact, they have already negotiated a post-lockdown 2nd development leading to a public testing of the work, to take place (hopefully) under less restricted conditions in late-November AND be more fully developed.   So – to be continued…
Concept and direction – Jude Anderson 
Installation Design – Morwenna Schenck 
Interactive Design – Georgia Symons 
Sound Design – Jacques Soddell 
Performers – Briega Young & Josiah Lulham
General Manager – Steve Mayhew
In collaboration with members of the Pump:
Nordin Hasan (biologist/climate scientist),
Jazmin Llana (performance studies academic),
& Matt Cornell (choreographer)
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