Year the project commenced: 2013 
Year it became impossible: 2020 
Audience not reached: 2500​​​​​​​
The Long Pigs is a dark clown physical theatre show which was meant to tour to Albuquerque and Milan this year. Although a lot of America was still in denial regarding Covid-19 the American hosts had the foresight to cancel that part of the tour days before the first lock down in Australia.  They have invited the show back in 2021 but The Pigs think this seems unlikely, at this stage, to come to fruition.  The Milan season (which was part of an international theatre competition) was also canceled a short time later and instead the video of our show was put online with an introduction from the festival director. Despite not being there in person The Long Pigs "received a lot of votes and positive comments and it is among the 3 finalists for the prize awarded by the International Jury of Experts.”
 Covid-19 made the activities in 2020 impossible but the Albuquerque presenters, having seen the show in Edinburgh last year, still hope to take it.  The PIgs hope so too as they had already started building the set.  While Wilks’ fingers are crossed she worries that by the time international travel is back on the cards she may be just too old to perform this energetic at sometimes violent show.  They continue to look for local presenters.
Co-creator, Performer - Nicci Wilks

Co-creator, Performer - Clare Bartholomew 
Co-creator, Performer - Derek Ives 
Performer -Mozes
Director - Susie Dee
Designer - Anna Tregloan 
Sound Designer - Jethro Woodward 
Lighting Designer - Andy Turner

Photo credit (top right) Aaron Walker
Photo credit (bottom left) Prudence Upton
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