Year the project commenced: 2019 
Year it became impossible: 2020 
Audience not reached: Not Known​​​​​​​
Creative Hybrids Lab is an international group/collective of artists and writers who are interested in engaging with their own inter-subjective lived experience of organ transplantation and chronic illness. This lived experience means that all the members of the team are immunocompromised. In the best of times these circumstances can make things less possible but during 2020 pandemic it, along with a moratorium on almost all international travel, made coming together to develop The Remediation Room truly impossible.   A residency was planned to take place in Brighton (UK) and it would have been the first ever opportunity to bring these minds and voices to one location. In a research and career development project, the process would begin with high fidelity voice and video recordings of all of the Lab participants and then creatively developed with mentoring from renowned UK artist group Blast Theory to prepare for production.
Willoughby  writes: “The Remediation Room is an interactive, multi-activated installation that seeks to create a safe space for transplant and chronically ill patients and the public. Using concepts of crip theory, cross-modal aesthetics, somatic therapy, and consensual healing practices, the room will be the site of a multi-sensorial interactive VR experience based on a visually poetic provocation of the inner emotional world of chronically ill transplant patients.   The voices of the Creative Hybrids Lab participants will be recorded, transcribed and played back in the installation as experimental audio soundscape and a video animated text. The recordings seek to disrupt typical notions of transplant narratives and to give voice to the complexity and vulnerability of lived experience. Artworks and texts created by the Lab will also be exhibited. The room will be multi-activated by a series of discussions, workshops, performances conducted during the course of the exhibition”.
In the second half of 2020 with the virus still gathering pace, the group is trialling remote working techniques and focusing on developing a VR/AR mixed reality piece. Sadly, the face-to-face meeting remains impossible.
Participants/Collective - Creative Hybrids Lab 
Artists  - Bianca Willoughby, 
Willurai Kirkbright, 
Dominic Quagliozzi,
Amy Claire Mills 
& Dylan Mortimer 
Writer -  Andrea Barrett 
& Tereza Crevenkovic 
Support TBC - Dr Donna McCormack 
Body Therapist - Stella Topaz 
VR designer - Josh Harle Hapatics 
Design - Warren Armstrong
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