Year the project commenced: 2009
Year it became impossible: 2020
Number of audience not reached: 2 + many
Travelling internationally was more or less banned during the 2020 pandemic.  But, for Pippa Bailey, it was already problematic. Originally from Sydney she had lived a lot of her life in Melbourne and then England before making Sydney home again; that meant family in the UK and, as a theatre maker, a connection to IETM.  IETM is a Europe based, international association which meets once or twice a year at different dispersed locations and Bailey had become increasingly troubled by the environmentally unsustainable nature of the fly in fly out character of this international networking.  Concurrently she was disturbed by the cultural sector being co-opted by tourism agendas and hoped to disrupt this.   —   In order to attend the 2020 IETM meeting in Tromso in the far north of Norway, Bailey resolved to to take almost half the journey overland. This is not the normal tourism route and the planning and the trip itself were to be complex and time consuming.  Although Bailey was enthused by imagining the numerous places she would by need visit on a trip zig zagging through Europe via train and bus and then returning home via Russia and the trans Siberian Railway.
 Then just as the final stages of plan were coming together the Covid-19 pandemic made any travel unachievable.   -  The imagining of this journey has however inspired her.  “I am now considering how to keep imagining new ways for tourism, for art and travel that honour a different set of values.”  “The seemingly Impossible is what gets us to the edge of our current thinking, to the limits of the existing system and sets us towards the next set of new ideas.”
Bailey's more detailed writing on the project can be read HERE.
As part of The Impossible Project we have been inviting artists to conceive of, attempt and document an attempt at An Impossible Task or to undertake a conversation with Anna Tregloan where she attempts (the similarly impossible task) of capturing their creative endeavours in sketch form.

Anna Tregloan and Pippa Bailey attempted the Impossible Task of capturing the planning, dreaming and ambition of the Imagined Journey to Tromso. 


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